Minutes of the January 21, 2019, Meeting of CAHC


The Carolina Austin-Healey Club met on Monday, January 21, at John’s Restaurant. Our new president, Rick Lee, started the meeting at 6:30 by having the minutes approved as printed. A motion was made and seconded and all accepted the minutes. We had 35 or so people in attendance (never been asked to take the minutes before I didn’t realize that I needed to count the number of people in attendance).

Ted Sjolander then gave a full Treasurer’s report on the club’s funds and the Southeastern Classic funds. Ted also presented a very comprehensive club budget for 2019. Any member wanting a hard copy of the full report please contact Ted.

Rick gave us some good news that Stuart Shepherd has four tech sessions in the works for us during 2019. There will be one at Stuart’s garage on March 23rd that will include an opportunity for an underneath car inspection on Stuart’s lift. Rick will send out more details in an email. The next session will be at EVR in Denver in May with Dick Lunney hosting. The other two sessions will be at John Jones’ and Charlie Grobusky’s garages. Dates and topics to be determined. Stay tuned to the calendar that Rick will be sending out to us frequently for details on times, topics, etc.

Delegates Report: Carl Brown stated that the 2020 Conclave would be hosted by the Tampa Bay club. Bill Walton our incoming Delegate added that it would be held in Crystal River, Florida, in May 2020 where we previously held a Southeastern Classic. He also reported that the various Southeastern Classic clubs were now scrambling to find a replacement club and venue for the 2020 Southeastern Classic as it was originally to be hosted by the Tampa Bay club in Crystal River in 2020.

Priscilla reported that we have 90-95 members. That number will be firmed-up later in the spring when all renewals are completed. Rick reported that one of our focuses this year will be a concentrated effort to add new members. One of Rick’s strategies is to have a contest to see who can bring in the most new members. He also suggested that we work on bringing guests to our meetings.

Ann Jones had no report for the Roadside Care. This translates into all is good in the neighborhood.

February 3rd is the Super Bowl Party at Ann and John Jones’ house. No reservations are needed, just show up with an appetizer or dessert. There will be the Jones’ world famous Road Kill aka Brunswick Stew and cornbread provided. Rick will send out more details in an email. Dick Lunney is working on another trip to Abingdon, VA, to visit the Barter Theatre. He promises a new hotel pick.

Carl Brown is updating the Carolina AustinHealey Facebook page. He is making it a “closed” group (anyone can find us and see who runs it, but only CAHC members can see who’s in it and what they post). Carl will have a Facebook training session at our next club meeting. Unless someone volunteers to be our newsletter editor, Facebook will be one of our primary communication methods along with frequent email updates from our President about upcoming events. All club members were encouraged to join Facebook so that they can then participate in our club’s Facebook’s postings, etc. There was a concern expressed as to how the other Healey clubs were going to get news about our club and our events. Unless a club member steps up and volunteers to be our Newsletter Editor we will not have the same level of communication with other clubs as in the past. Our website will however contain some information about our activities.

Mileage Award – Rick sent out a note about the Mileage Award that Charlie Grobusky will be in charge of. Give your “starting odometer reading” to Charlie and at the end of the year the “ending mileage” for the award. Only miles driven in your Austin-Healey will qualify. This is for any miles driven in your Healey not just for event driving. No double mileage given if you drive in inclement weather!

Beth Lunney is putting together an updated phone directory for our club members.

Rick reminded us that when we are hosting an event to please be sure to keep the receipts for reimbursements. Submit these receipts to our treasurer Ted and provide Rick with a write-up of the event with the time, location and dates. Please post photos of your event on Facebook!

Don Hemphill is working on a quote for the wiring and hitch of the club’s trailer.

No report on regalia – Charlie and Peggy were not in attendance.

Dick Lunney is working on one or two joint meetings with another British car club either at their meeting place or ours. Or possibly a Saturday morning group breakfast/drive.

Bill Walton is working on some proposed By-Law changes. Contact Bill if you would like to propose any changes. Any proposed changes will be reviewed and discussed in a future meeting and voted on by the membership.

Ted Sjolander gave a report on his visit to Charleston with Glenda to hand out Christmas cheer to all those workers who were essential to the success of our Southeastern Classic event.

Stuart Shepherd gave a great tech session (see page 5 for details and photos).

At next month’s club meeting the tech topic that Stuart has arranged for us (#2 of 10) will be on a Healey 5-Speed Conversion by our local expert, Pete Delaney.

If anyone is looking to transport their Healey to Conclave in Deadwood, SD, get in touch with either Chuck Anderson or Dick Lunney. They are working on this.

There being no further business, the motion was made to adjourn and was seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Debbie White, filling in for the club’s Secretary, Phyllis Allen.