SECRETARY'S REPORT- October  2020 Meeting Minutes

 We had our meeting on October 19, 2020 on Zoom with about 30 members attending electronically. One of our number has a rather impressive cuckoo clock. We didn’t see it but we heard it striking as President Charlie called the meeting to order at seven p.m.

In order to startle Carl Brown and keep him on his toes as club Web Master, Charlie called on him first. Carl reports that all is well at the website. If you wish to add a picture of your own car to the website’s sliding banner send a picture to Carl’s email. Please select a picture taken with a three quarter view of your car, with good resolution, and no human beings.

Next Ted Sjolander gave his Treasurer’s report. We seem to be flush with cash and holding steady. Ted also mentioned that there is an updated version of Zoom available. Members might want to look into upgrading to it.
It isn’t often that the word “cumbersome” pops up in daily conversation, so it was rather thrilling that it ended up being used several times in Jack Porter’s Membership report. On the subject of annual renewal, Jack pointed out that there will be no paper invoices this year. It is up to members to remember on their own to renew. Some would theorize that this was cumbersome, but it is more probably over confident. Jack further added that it is less cumbersome for all if renewal takes place online and it is not difficult to do. Annual dues are not due until January 15th, but the sooner done the better.

The roadside care report was given by various members in turn because Ann Jones was resting off camera herself. Treasure has a new knee. Bill Passmore is back home. Phyllis Allen was with us, but with her arm in a sling.

At this point we had a short tech session presented by Mike Bond. The subject was a conversion of his ignition system from use of condensers to a Pertronics thingy. To do this Mike carried his iPad from the house to the garage. Hope this didn’t make anyone seasick. Ted also offered a tech tip: he has tried Napa spark plug wires and gives them a grade of A+.

Bill Walton shared a slide show of photos from the Triumph, MG, and Healey Club combined drive that had taken place on October 17. Dick and Beth Lunney had put together a short photo ID rally for the day and it looked like it was a fun event.

We spent some time discussing possible alternate Christmas plans since our party venue, Jimmie’s has been sold and will not be available. An exciting plan was pro-posed, and doubtless will be detailed else-where in this newsletter.

The slate of officers presented by the nominating committee will be as follows:
President: Ed Farnell
First VP: George Hege
Second VP: Carl Brown
Treasurer: Ted Sjolander
Secretary: Lisa Bond
Membership: Jack Porter
National Delegate: Bill Walton

Respectfully submitted,