In Rick Lee’s absence, Charlie Grobusky started the meeting with 32 members in attendance. The September minutes were approved after two amendments were made - Ted was not present at the September meeting so his report was sent via email. Second amendment Stuart told us that the spelling of Luke Snyder name had to be corrected.

 Membership report was given by Priscilla Dabney, new members Steve & Cindy Taylor who own a 64 BJ7 were introduced. Steve told us that this car looks like it fell off a boat into the bottom of the ocean, it is very rough. Dennis Conley again introduced, Paul Manley, who attended a previous meeting. Ted Sjolander gave the full Treasurer’s Report, if you would like a copy contact Ted. Ted also told us that the treasury is enhanced by $200 since we sold the infamous Margarita machine to Ted’s son. Ted also told us that the IRS has reinstated us as officially being a non-profit organization. However, we still have to file the 990 postcard. Bill Walton gave a synopsis of the Delegates Meeting held at conclave. He said that 85% of all members renew online. Our club only has 10% and he asked if more members were willing to renew on line. The 2020 Conclave will be hosted by the Tampa Bay Club and will be held in Crystal River in May. Bill also said that the 2021 Conclave will be held on the west coast with no plans reported so far. Also, is the CAHC interested in doing Conclave in 2022. There was no interest as yet. Bill also reported that he will attend the National Delegate’s meeting on November 1st. Bill also reported that the National Income statement goes out ever quarter and the monies in the account total $101,000. This is for the first 9 months out of which 73% or $98,000 is spent on the Marque. Dues are down from last September and that is why they are asking for renewal of your membership early this year.
It is now reported that Stephanie and Pete Delaney will be doing the Regalia. Stephanie gave a presentation on the items available. Ann Jones gave us information on an event happening November 18th. In lieu of our regular meeting Ann has arranged for the club members to view the movie Ford vs. Ferrari staring actor Matt Damian at the RedStone Cinemas starting at 3pm. After the movie Ann has arranged for dinner at the Office Craft Bar. Please let Ann know if you plan to attend.

Stuart Shepherd told us that on November 23rd there will be a Tech Session at John Jones’ garage. Fred Dabney gave a report on the DMH fund. Members who wanted a picture of their car in the Calendar by month would purchase a spot and the proceeds would be donated to the the DMH fund. This would also include members of the Sports & Touring club. This fund is used to present scholarships to students pursuing a career in the Automotive Industry. At the present time Sean Robinson is last year’s recipient Sean received $2,500 from DMH fund attending McPherson College in Kansas. Fred wants to present to the Board the request to add another recipient and give Sean another scholarship. Fred said there is over $30,000 now in the treasury and he feels that we need to use some of that to help students. A date change for the Christmas Party, December 1, 2019 it will be held at Cameron Woods Club House between 4&8pm. A sign up sheet was passed around for attendance, and items needed to add to the Italian Dinner. Remember to send all items of interest to Ed Farnell for the Newsletter. Carl Brown informed us that there were no new members joining our Facebook Account. John Jones told us that he put together a third brake light kit and it is available for $22. You can talk to John about securing one. 12 members attended the Miller Fly In & Cruise In in Mooresville and a great time was had by all. A great show with over 120 cars The nominating committee consisting of Debbie White, Dennis Conley, Rick Lee and Ian Gale will be looking for officers to fill the vacant positions. Meeting Ad-journed.
Minutes submitted by
Phyllis Allen, Secretary