Hope everyone is having a great summer. With the extreme temps, there have not been many driving opportunities, unless you have Carl Brown’s car, with all the conveniences of a new Mercedes, air conditioning, nav., CB, etc.

Thank you for allowing me to sit in as the interim president is Rick’s absence. I recently heard from Rick. He had to come home earlier after an accident with his motorcycle. He is OK but the trip had to be cut short due to a shoulder injury. Unfortunately, to add to his injury, he was delayed from Charlotte all the way to England causing him to lose his baggage, due to several airline changes. He lived out of garbage bags for luggage and stayed at a couple of friend’s homes, he met there, due to hotels being booked. He even had to sleep in a campground one night. Not a good trip! But he did say he had a nice ride through England and met some good friends. When he got home, he said “It was great just to get in my Healey and drive”. Rick hopes to be at the next meeting, depending on his shoulder and if surgery will be required.

Not much going in July in terms of events. However, I hear Dick and Ted drove their MG’s to Michigan for an event. Maybe they will give us a presentation on their trip at the next meeting. If you followed them on Facebook, you can see many of the pictures. It looked like a beautiful trip. This will be some of the same territory that many of you are planning to cover after Conclave.

The Grobusky’s are planning to have a hamburger cookout at their house on July 20th starting at 9am through as long as you want to stay. Oh! By the way, there will be a tech session to go along with the cookout. I figured not having an air-conditioned garage, the only way to entice members to come is to feed them. I have teamed up with Jerry Price, renown Healey guru, to give you a session of pulling the rear axle for seal gasket replacement. If that does not interest you, please send me some ideas. Keep in mind, any member is welcome to request to have something repaired on their car. If you would like to use your car for a tech session project, please send to Stuart and me asap. I need a definite number of those attending, no later Fri., 7/19, so I can plan for food.

I have been hard at work install-ing a 2-post car lift in my garage. It took a lot of muscle and manual labor to do this. I first had to cut out a 5ft. X 12ft. section of my existing garage floor to assure the concrete was strong enough to handle the weight. Then after cutting the concrete, I had to take a jack hammer to break it into smaller pieces. Once that was complete, I threw all the broken pieces into a dump truck and shoveled another 8 inches of clay dirt to have a 1ft pour of concrete. Adding to all that strenuous work, the concrete truck could not drive on my driveway; therefore, I used a wheelbarrow to haul 20 loads of concrete into the garage from the end of my driveway. As you can see from my picture, it changed my appearance a little. Peggy is really excited when I take my shirt off. I thought about walking on the beach and kicking sand into some guys face and stealing his girlfriend. Don’t be messing with me! I purchased the North American Auto Group Universal 2 post lift. I would not advise buying anything from them.

During June’s meeting, Peggy Grobusky facilitated a discussion regarding the club’s interest in regalia. Many ideas and options were shared among the members. Club members (Debbie White, Fred Dabney, and Stephanie Delaney) will work with Peggy to plan and identify potential regalia items. If you are interested in serving on their team, please let Peggy know. The approach will be to identify 10 to 20 regalia items that can be ordered which will include men’s and ladies’ sizes, color, etc. The proposed items will be presented to the club for review/consideration along with samples. Once we have the go ahead, an order will be placed. In addition, Peggy and I will be researching local companies who may be available to order regalia items. The idea is to utilize a local company to eliminate shipping costs. Peggy will be getting with these club members in the near future to begin work on this project.

Currently, we have the following regalia items for sale:
HATS- $15 (1 Charcoal and 1 Blue Jean Blue)
WHITE T’s- $8 (1 Medium, 4 Large, and 2 XX Large)
COLORED T’S- $10 (1Gray Large, 1 Yellow Medium and 1 Royal Blue (ladies Medium))
POLO WHITE/STATE- $23 (2 Men’s Large and 2 Men’s X Large)
POLO GREY/STATE-$23 (1 Men’s X Large)
POLO RED/STATE-$23 (1 Men’s Medium)
POLO WHITE/WINGS -$21 (1Men’s Medium and 1Men’s Large)
POLO RED/WINGS-$21 (1 Men’s XX Large ($22.50))
POLO 2018 SOUTHEASTERN- $28 (2 Men’s X Large Navy)

Thanks again to Stuart for his always informative and funny tech sessions. At the last meeting, we learned how to clean chrome and brushed aluminum parts. He also presented some kind of configuration to mount your air conditioning for your car. Knowing Stuart, it had to take several turns in description before determining what this thing really did.

Glad everyone had a great time at Southeastern. It took me several days to dry out and a few more for our car. But it was fun and exciting. Rick’s car would not start, on Sunday morning leaving for home. I went over to assist him and got his car running. The surprise was finding out the rain gear I had for many years did not work anymore; therefore, I had a nice cool and very wet trip home. I was completely soaked. I meant to bring to the last meeting a new Healey waterproofing kit for Stuart to present in his tech session. I found them at Home Depot. It ‘s set of small buckets used for bailing water out while driving, or hanging in various spots around the Healey to capture the leaks.
Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.

Cheers, Charlie