Stephanie Delaney has agreed to lead the club regalia program for the coming year. She has some innovative ideas on things to do to put more shirts on backs and caps on heads. I want to encourage everyone to look at the regalia as an excellent way to promote our cars to your children and grandchildren. Kids love caps and t-shirts. They wear them to school, to sporting events and out on the town with friends. These make great gifts for Xmas and will give you a chance to involve your family in the Austin Healey experience. I will be buying items for my far flung children and spouses.
We are doing something really cool for the November meeting. We will be holding the November monthly meeting at a different location in concert with a great movie and dinner. Our club meeting on Monday, November 18, 2019 will start with a movie. The movie is "Ford vs Ferrari" where they recount the battle between the two brands for endurance racing supremacy. The movie theater is the Red Stone Cinemas at 9650 Red Stone Drive in Indian Land, SC 29707 - just south of Charlotte. It is not far and traffic will be at a minimum because the show starts at 3:00 pm. The movie cost is $7.75 per person. It is a fairly small theater with only 50 seats so it will be a great time with excellent sound and viewing. The movie takes 2 hours and the reviews have been excellent. After the movie we will retire to The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen for dinner, drinks and our club meeting. The restaurant is next to the movie theater and has an address of 9658 Red Stone Drive, Indian Land, SC 29707. You will order off of their famous menu. Ann Jones has done all the work to set this meeting up. If you have not notified her, please RSVP by phone or text to 704-641-8172 to reserve your seat in the theater and the restaurant.

Years ago I did not know the definition of RSVP (répondez s'il vous plaît) and was the worst at doing RSVPs for events to which I was invited. That is until I had an event and needed to know how much food and beverage to buy so as to meet the expectations of my guests. When I didn’t receive the RSVPs from those who planned to join us, the food and drink order missed the mark big time. From time to time our club has events on the calendar such as trips, tech sessions, parties and the likes. Sometimes we change the planned monthly meeting place and go to the movies. In all of these cases it is essential that RSVPs are sent to the Club Sponsor so we can properly plan the logistics.

Each month I prepare an agenda for our club meeting as a means of making sure we cover all of the items planned. To make sure the scheduled presentations have time to deliver their message, I am changing the agenda going forward. For unplanned special interest items brought forward by members, the agenda will include a time near the end of the meeting for anyone in attendance to bring up new events, charities and other items of interest. If members have a special item them would like to put on the agenda for a more formal presentation, please contact me and we can work out the amount of time available for your material.
Being an Officer for the CAHC is a very enjoyable and re-arding way to participate in the world of Austin Healeys. The Officer Selection Committee has identified candidates for all but one position for 2020. We are in need of a 1st VP for next year who can support the President and advance to the role of President in 2021. Please contact Rick Lee if you would like to be a part of the team for 2021.