WOW! Can the summer get any hotter? July and August has not been friendly to Healey driving. I hope everyone is stay-ing cool and enjoying it regardless.
I think everyone should eat some ice cream. You have a great opportunity to do just that. Remember, Saturday, 8/17 at Charlie and Peggy’s home (2823 Harlinsdale Dr., Rock Hill, SC). There will be a short tech session on “How to align your Healey Headlights”. This will be instructed by Bill Walton, Rick Lee and myself. Also, we will cook hotdog’s (Nathan All Beef). Later on, we will take a short ride to York, SC to EAT ICE CREAM at South 40 Farm. You can leave from there to head home. We plan to start the tech session around 11am.
We are glad to hear Rick is home safely after his travels over the pond. Unfortunately, he had to return early due to his bike falling, which caused him to injure his shoulder. However, good news he did finally receive his luggage in Rock Hill after he got home. I can see Rick now trying to explain why he is carrying garbage bags for luggage on the airplane. I bet they gave him 1st class seats.
I want to thank you again, for letting me your very temporary President. Thanks to all for having good programs at the meeting. Dick and Ted gave us some great pictures on their trip to Michigan, getting all those excited, who plan to tour that way after Conclave.
Appreciate Stuarts’ always entertaining tech sessions. He gave us a better understanding of why fuel pumps are impor-tant to staying on the road. I know Mary’s first inclination when their car stopped on the side of the road, was “did you put gas in the car?” Stuart recommended the pumps from Moss. I have always used the one from AutoZone. It looks very similar, plus it has a lifetime warranty. I have replaced it 3 times in my lifetime. What does that tell you?
I told the story of Peggy and I getting stuck on a busy Hwy 161 coming home in this great summer weather. Our fuel pump decided to give out as well. It was replaced free of charge. However, the new does not have the same sound. It
has a long and continuous “baaluuuuddd” sound; whereas, the old one that looks just like it, has a sporadic baluud! baluud! baluud! sound. You know what I am talking about.
We learned how to restore a Healey in 15 minutes from Carl. I think we all have ex-perienced that same restoration plan. You know, the one that started with my car needs to be painted, then the question comes up, well since I am in it this far, I should rebuild the engine, transmission, etc.. Oh! Oh! I know my wife does not want to ride in that old interior! And it goes on and on, until you stop and think, is there anything else left to do? But aren’t you glad you did it? I know Carl and Linda will be grinning from “ear to ear” when they drive up.
Charlie (standing in for Rick)