I want thank Roger and others who conducted the February meeting in my absent. They all did a great job.

I should be back for the March meeting. My surgery went well and the doctor said I had clean margins. What a relief that is over. My surgery reminded me of replacing a part on my Healey. Unfortunately, as you all have experienced that once you set out to repair something on your Healey, there is always more to it than you think. Well the same happened to me, they had to take a little more than expected. Naturally, once you get everything back together, it’s almost inevitable that you have a leak somewhere. Surely enough, I sprung a leak on an incision that seem to take forever, to stop. I was talking with Ted, and he added some humor to my frustration, by saying “Hey you are just like a Healey, you got to have a leak to know you have fluid”. Well he was right, and we did have a good chuckle over it.

Most of all, I want to thank you for all your cards, thoughts and prayers, phone calls, etc. You cannot imagine how much that impacted my recovery, knowing and feeling your friendship. I ask you keep all our Club members experiencing illness, injury, or any hardship in our prayers. Take some time to give them and call, send a card, etc. It is truly comforting to hear from people who care.

There has not been much to do in our Healey’s with all the poor weather. Seems like every time you were ready to take a “loosely goosey” trip, more rain was in the forecast. While I was recovering, you can imagine how boring the days were, especially with the bad weather. My brother decided to keep me occupied buying me a Revell model V-8 engine to assemble. This was a great past time and I learned a lot. So, on those dreary days, and you cannot get out and drive, build a model car.

Well, don't despair, the weather is improving and Spring is just around the corner. March brings us Amelia Island, Brits and Brews, and Spring Tune-up at the Grobusky’s. Unfortunately, I am going to have to reschedule the Spring Tune-up on 3/21, and offer either Fri., May 15th or Sat. 16th. I just do not think I will be ready to assist people around my garage on the car lift or other tasks. I was told not to lift more than a milk jug for 8 weeks. I will get an announcement out later. We can decide which date works best. The new dates are the weekend before Conclave, so it may be a good time to get your car ready.
In April we are really starting to gear up with many events such as, Tartan SC British Show, EVR Spring tune-up, Brits and Brew, The Gathering, Broad River Classic, and Arts Field Tour.

I am asking all Event Sponsors to start sending an announcement, with plans, to Ed for the newsletter, at least 2 months before the event. We need to make sure our members are reminded of these events and they know more about your plans. I would also like to do the same at each Club meeting.

So, please be prepared, I will be calling on you for an update. I encourage everyone to review the calendar each month. We have identified and provided many Healey opportunities this year. Get those Healey’s out and plan to join your Club members.

I want to thank Bill Walton for bringing back interesting ideas from the Delegates meetings on what other Clubs are doing to engage our members. Bill has introduced a list of action items we can use as a Club to increase our membership. One of the items discussed at our February meeting was a new Tech Support program we are offering our club members. Each month we will host a Tech Support conference call to help members with their tech questions. Our first one will be March 19th (3rd Thursday each month) at 8:00pm. The details and dialin number are in this month’s newsletter. I understand that we already have 5 or 6 great questions submitted (email questions to: for our experienced panel to address. This is a great opportunity to receive help in getting your Healey back on the road, or to find out the “how to’s” necessary to complete your winter projects. Please send your questions, now.

This conference call will take the place of listing technical experts in the newsletter. Not much was happening with that process. The conference call will give our members more knowledge of how to resolve their technical issues with several members offering advice.

Thanks to Jack and Annette, our Club membership is 106 paid-up, with 5 new members. Let’s all try to identify new members. If anyone brings a new member into the Club between now and the Mountain trip, I will buy them a drink of their choice at the Mountain Trip event.

Ed is doing a great job with the newsletter. However, some-times it’s a struggle and time consuming to find new stuff (e.g. technical advice, articles, pictures, etc.). If you have something interesting for the Club, send it to Ed. Everyone likes to read about our cars, you, or anything related to our cars. We love to hear old stories and past events, and particularly technical suggestions (such as, Roger’s woodworking ideas).

Also, please remember, if you are an Event Sponsor, you are responsible for contributing a write-up and photos to Ed after the event.

Keep on the lookout for Stephanie’s online regalia ordering site. This is going to offer so much more and make it easy for us to have Healey stuff. We always need new Healey apparel.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing at the next Club meeting on Mon. March 16th, @ 6:30pm at John’s Restaurant


Happy Healeying!