Presidents Message

  This year is flying by and I am a lot older and more tired than when I was paddling through the lakes at Cypress Gardens a few short years ago. This has been another screwy year with mostly man made ups and downs, but we have managed to get in some good quality Healey time. As of this writing the stupid stuff continues as I read of pumpkin and turkey shortages. Well I don’t particularly like pumpkin anyway and maybe our daughter might have a turkey in her menagerie of animals.
We do have a number of important things happening between now and the end of this Healey year in addition to several nice events still on the calendar.
    This week is the Tri Club drive around Lake Norman. In a couple of weeks there is Southeastern in Florida and for those of you who cannot make that trip there is British Car Day in Charleston which a number of us will be attending.
Our last tech session will be in November at the Shepherd’s. Between then and the Christmas Party I am trying to fit in a Loosy Goosy lunch drive to a very different type of eatery in Belton, SC,
    The nominating committee is preparing a slate of nominees to fill the five elected po-sitions in our club. Those positions are President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Treasurer and National Delegate. According to the club by-laws, any member may ask to be con-sidered for any of those positions except President and 1st VP. If anyone is interested in serving please let me know not later than November 1. If there is more than one candidate for any position, we will have an election via email during November. If there is only one nominee for each position the election will be held by majority vote of the members attending the Christmas party.
    Chuck and Monique are working diligently on plans for our hosting the 2023 Southeast-ern. As it stands now, the event will definitely be held during September in the North Carolina mountains in the Asheville area. More to come in the not too distant future.
    This year’s Christmas party will be another new type event to test everyone’s flexibility. Read more on page 12. This has been a year for testing new paradigms, so I thought that our last event should follow suite.
    Finally Don Hemphill may be selling his garage in Denver, NC and needs to move the club trailer. If there is any member who has a little space and lives in the vicin-ity of Charlotte and who would volunteer to house the trailer, please contact me im-mediately. Please consider helping your club if at all possible.