Presidents Message

 We understand that the Christmas drive/lunch was a great event. We’re sorry that weren’t able to participate in this wonderful celebration. We had previously planned to be out of town, actually before October. At the CAHC Oct. Zoom Club meeting, when this event was announced, we were very disappointed that we had a conflict with this date. We would have looked forward to attending and seeing all of you.

  I want to thank all who participated in the planning for 2020, and the events we were able to pull-off in a very difficult and frustrating year. In January, at our Planning session, I walked away saying what a great calendar. This will be fun, and so much to do. It was so disappointing to receive the calendar updates each month from Bill, with all the events stamped “Cancelled” in big “red” letters.

  Regardless, our Club persevered, and tried to make the best of the times. We had some great Zoom Tech Conference Calls, thanks to Bill, Stuart and Carl. After being closed down at John’s Restaurant, we were still able to arrange and coordinate our Club meeting using Zoom, thanks to Ted, and all who participated and provided presentations, tech sessions, updates, etc. Even as we moved through the year, we were able to schedule some “Loosey-Goosey” driving events, such as, trips coordinated with the MG, Triumph and British car clubs, even some backroad trips, just to get out, and of course the 24th Annual Mountain Trip. I especially want to thank Ed, Bill, Jerry and any others who arranged and scheduled this event. When they heard we could not meet at Jimmie’s as planned, they took upon themselves to make sure the Club would continue to celebrate Christmas and close out 2020 on a happy note. From the attendance at this event, it shows that all are so committed to the CAHC and how much we are ready to get back together. I want to thank Stephanie again, for all her efforts to try and have a Christmas Party. Normally, this event would have been at Jimmie’s and everyone dressed up for and celebrating Christmas sharing a great year of being together with friends and our cars. Although, that did not occur as we planned, the Club’s spirit and friendships are still high. Our Club membership continues to grow thanks to Jack and Annette, and you, our members, for encouraging those with cars or not, to come be a part of a wonderful Healey family.

  Thankfully, Ann did not have to make too many “Roadside Side Care” reports, but there were a few, and it is a blessing to have a Club that comes together in prayer for all those who needed them. We continue to offer our thoughts and prayers to our loved members who are going through diffi-cult times, and those unable to join us in our events. Thank you, Ann, for keeping close watch on our members.

  During these challenging times, when the Club was not meeting, events cancelled, it did not stop the Press. We all need to thank Ed again for diligently keeping the newsletter rolling, and although we could not meet, we were still able to communicate and keep up with our club through the newslet-ter.
Thanks to Stephanie, for taking over Regalia. Soon we all will be able to add and change our Healey wardrobe. I think it would be great for all of us to purchase something new for 2021. Maybe Stephanie can come up with a design to celebrate the new year of Happy Healeying.

  We will continue to grow and get better. More events will be coming, and soon we will be back on the road, and even the enjoyment of being on the “side of the road” assisting a mem-ber with a car problem.
Below are the new officers that were voted and approved by those in attendance. I want to thank those who stepped for-ward and agreed to serve in these roles. Much thanks to Ted for hosting the event and leading the officer approval/vote.
    President – Ed Farnell
    1st VP – George Hege
    2nd VP – Carl Brown
    Treasurer – Ted Sjolander
    Secretary – Lisa Bond
    National Delegate – Bill Walton

  I also want to thank all the Committee Chairs who agreed to continue in their roles for the Club.
    Membership – Jack and Annette Porter
    Regalia – Stephanie Delaney
    Roadside Care – Ann Jones
    Newsletter – Ed Farnell
    Website – Carl Brown

  Lastly, I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Club President. As much as I wanted to see this year through all that was planned, it simply did not turn out that way. As frustrating as it was, with all the cancellations, we still accomplished a lot, even if it were just hear that everyone was staying safe and healthy.

  Peggy and I wish and pray you all have a wonderful rest of the year, a very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed, healthy and much better New Year.

  The “Family of the Year”... I chose this family for their perseverance and tremendous efforts for ensuring this year was not without a great event. Although, challenged several times to make last minute adjustments, they did not give up. Not only challenged with changing all plans, they also had to adjust to maintain restrictions that ensured everyone was kept safe, and at the same time having a great time.

  I have chosen Chuck Reeves and Monique Dale as “Family of the Year”. The 24th Annual Mountain Trip remained annual and was not cancelled. They had to jump through lots of hoops and spent significantly more time on this event, after being told by the hotel, they could not accommodate our event. Having to make many adjustments and contingency plans, the mountain trip prevailed!! Not having a red “cancelled” stamped on the calendar took significant effort and perseverance. I want to thank Chuck and Monique for a great job, which I am confident, all who attended would do the same.

Congratulations! Chuck and Monique.

 Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President. Again, I appreciate all our members, the officers and chairs who helped maintain our club and Healey spirit! Merry Christ-mas and Happy New Year!!