Presidents Message

 All things considered, we are off to a pretty good start as over 40 members participated in our annual
planning meeting by Zoom. As you can see by the calendar, we are hoping to return to almost normal
in 2021. Most of us are old enough to get into the front of the line for the Covid-19 vaccine. For some of us it may be easier than getting into our Healey. Between the vaccine and some common sense practices, we should get on better in 2021.

  I have three major things that I would like to accomplish this year. First is to plan events so that we can safely drive our cars and get together as a Healey family face to face as much as possible. Second, I hope to find ways to encourage participation by new members and some long time members who we rarely see. If you never, or seldom participate in your club’s activities I would like to know what we can do to invite you out. Please consider emailing or calling me to let me know what kind of things interest you and what you are looking for from the club. I am not too old to try new approaches. Note on the calendar we are planning some club meetings on Saturdays and combine a drive, a meal and other activities. We are also going to try some meetings outside the Charlotte area in an attempt to bring the club closer to you. Think about dusting off the Healey and showing it off. We also encourage your participation no matter what you might drive to the event. As Jerry Clower would say, you can park right in amongst us.

  Finally, I hope to get a jump start on Southeastern 2023 which the Carolinas Club will be hosting.
The best news is that Chuck and Monique Reeves have agreed to Chair the event and they have already
been looking for a venue. I have contacted many of you who have also agreed to help. If we call you to ask for help, please consider saying “yes”. If you would like to serve, please call us to volunteer and save us the prodding. The only way we can have another great Southeastern is with a lot of hands on the wheel. Those of you that have helped in the past know the things do not just happen.

  On another subject, the Board of Directors have recently voted to raise our local dues from $5.00 to
$15.00 annually effective 1 March 2021. The background leading us to that decision included a dwindling
balance in our treasury. Some of you may remember that a number of years ago our dues were $10.00 a year and at a point where our treasury had a sizable balance the decision was made to lower the dues. The large balance at that time was due in part from the sale of a Tech Manual that several club members put together, our annual British Car Days South event, hosting Conclave and a Southeastern every four years and regalia sales. Although we are a fairly frugal group many of our income streams have not been available since the decision to lower dues. This small annual increase will allow us to continue providing members with the club support that one would expect.

  I am looking forward to serving as your president this year and pray for your support, participation,
suggestions and ideas about how to keep CAHC active and growing. I am proud to be a member of one
of the country’s largest and most active Austin Healey clubs. The Carolinas club has provided me and Kitty with almost 40 years of fun and friendship and hopefully will for many years to come. Next month I will tell you the back story about the Harley.