Austin-Healey Club of America & Carolinas Austin-Healey Club 

If you would like to join (or renew) both the Carolinas Healey Club and the Austin-Healey Club of America (AHCA) for $85 ($15 local + $70 AHCA),  which includes the award winning Healey Marque magazine and access to the members only section of the AHCA website, click HERE.  Remember to select  the Carolinas Austin-Healey Club “NC-1” in step 4 of 7.

Carolinas Austin-Healey Club

You can join just the local area Carolinas Austin-Healey Club for $25 by completing the online application below. You can also print the pdf (click on Printable Application) and mail it to our membership chair. If you  join AHCA (see above) you get a $10 discount in your local dues. Contact Jack, or Membership Chair at if you have any questions. 

The Carolinas Austin-Healey Club has monthly drives (meetings?) usually to NC or SC state parks, tech sessions, a dedicated “tech help” email address, a monthly newsletter, ice cream socials and generally just a lot of fun.  Members are  sent “event alerts” via email. It’s really a 200 member social club centered around British cars. A Healey or other LBC is not required for membership.

Printable Application

Carolinas Austin-Healey Club Membership Application

CAHC Membership Application

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Healey or British Car Ownership Not Required for Membership


By agreeing below I grant the Carolinas Austin-Healey Club (the “Carolinas AHC”) permission to publish my name, address, email, phone number, vehicle and other information in the Carolinas AHC membership directory that is accessible to Carolinas AHC members. I also grant permission to the Carolinas AHC to publish my name and photos and videos of myself, my guests and my vehicle(s) in print or electronic media including the club’s newsletter, promotional materials, website, YouTube channel, Facebook page or other social media. I am aware of the hazards inherent with motor vehicle events, and I specifically release and indemnify the Carolinas AHC, its Board of Directors, Officers, organizers of events, and volunteers, collectively and separately from any liability for personal injury or property damage incurred by me or my guests while participating in Carolinas AHC events. The undersigned has read and voluntarily signs this release and waiver of liability and indemnity and further agrees that no oral representations, statements, or inducements apart from the forgoing have been made.
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